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Automotive Core Tools (APQP, AQP, PPAP, FMEA, SPC, MSA, R&M)

What are the core tools in an industry? Those that aren’t mandatory because of a formal statement or governmental requirement but rather due to how useful, effective, and efficient they are.

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This is why you will find these concepts quite often regardless of the company and industry you decide to start or you already own. If you have been in the business world for a while, you should already be familiar with the core tools of your industry and how functional they are for your interests and goals. There are many tools to consider depending on your needs and the area or section of the company you are looking to improve or pay attention to.

Because, yes, these tools are only for improving the company’s section or aspects you are trying to work in or you have chosen. The thought of core tools isn’t new at all since many of them have been developed long ago—and we aren’t referring to 10 or 30 years—. Thus, the most logical thing is to be familiar with them even if you haven’t started your business but think about doing so.

After all, they will help you to work in the growth of your company and guarantee that you are moving forward and not following behind with the rest of the competitors. Now, from where do these tools come from?

Actually, the Core Tools aren’t a general invention for companies from all industries. Instead, they are referred to the Automotive industry and after several years, some companies in other business items decided to implement them due to how effective and efficient they are. This is why you should—since they are—consider Core Tools as only Automotive ones due to their main purpose and industry they are aiming for.

When you carry out proper research about them and consider implementing them, you will notice that all the information you find is related to this industry only, which makes sense. If your company is dedicated to the automotive industry, this isn’t a problem at all but rather a benefit and we are sure that just like many—or every—other company in the industry, you will be able to gain only benefits from them. Using these tools will take time and resources, which is something that most companies do not consider or understand when thinking about them.

The reason why we jumped to this right after we explained the previous point is because we want you to keep it in mind all the time. However, we are not trying to tell you that you will have to invest all your time and resources in using them when your expenses aren’t directly related to them.

Since some tools such as APQP, which is one of the most used Core Tools, influence areas or aspects such as reducing the complexity of understanding the product quality your client needs or wants, you won’t be spending in the tools itself. Instead, thinking about how you are going to make it happen and the changes you have to make in order to gain the benefit from using the tool as the main core is what will bring expenses your way.

Is it necessary to implement Automotive Core Tools in your company?

If you want your quality management system to improve and allow your business to grow and stay relevant, it will be more than just necessary but rather an obligation. We understand from where does this question come from. After all, companies want to save as much time and resources as they can in order to invest them in something they find more necessary or important at the moment. 

However, Core Tools for your company will be the pillars of your quality system, and this is something you can’t neglect or underestimate if you want your business to progress and grow. Therefore, a short answer would be: yes, you need it and it is completely necessary. While a long answer—which is important for you to be aware of—includes us explaining why they are necessary and what they consist of. 

Which takes to the main and more important part, what they are and why you need them. Automotive Core Tools help only with the quality system of your company and they will help you to improve the communication with your clients and bring more benefits to the production itself. They are necessary due to how much the influence this system and its growth in the company. 

And although all areas and aspects of a business are important for its operations and future, a quality system in a company where producing and fabricating components is the goal, this is ten times more important. Therefore, prioritizing their use is completely alright and even the right thing to do to guarantee the best. Just make sure to use them in the right way or you won’t get the benefit but rather the opposite, or just nothing due to the wrong implementation. Once you have used them and you have the results and continuous improvements, you can get certified in any or all of these tools.

What does it involve to do?

Several things need to be handled when you are going for these tools but it is due to all the aspects in your quality management system that will be influenced for them. Also, implementing or using these tools is to gain all the benefits from there won’t give you one of the main ones unless you get certified in these tools. Just like standards, normative, or documents with requirements, you can get certified in APQP, R&M, and every single one of the tools. 

This will show your potential clients that you are able to provide products or components to such a degree thanks to the tools you have been using so far. Now, we are probably being too generic about what using them involves. This is why you can have a specific look at what to do to get everything from them:

  • Instruct yourself and learn about every Core Tool or at least, the ones you are planning to use.
  • Contact a reliable company that can support you and gets you certified once you are done and finished—you don’t need assistance if you can handle it alone.
  • Implementing or using each tool takes different steps and processes due to their nature and what they are aiming at.
  • You have to invest time and resources in making changes and guaranteeing that your company is going in the right direction with them.
  • Getting certified helps you to show clients, companies, and any exterior person or business that your company is prepared to provide high-quality components in the Automotive industry.

Why is there more than one core tool?

Because each tool aims for a different aspect or element of the quality management system. While APQP aims for making the complexity of the product much simpler, PPAP—for example—prioritizes the requirements and needs of the clients to provide high-quality products and the desired ones. All tools have their function if you want to look at it in an easy way.

And since all systems and their management involve many elements—not only the quality one—it is necessary to use more than one tool. However, you shouldn’t have a hard time with any of them. Implementing or using Automotive Core Tools only requirement a deep understanding of all of them and the right company that can support you if necessary.

Once you have this, getting certified is easy, and more importantly, enjoying every benefit isn’t impossible. Therefore, don’t think too much about the numbers—and we are not only referring to the number of tools but also prices or costs—and focus on what you will do and gain from it. We assure you it will be much more productive and focus your attention on things that actually matter.

Where to find a validated company?

At ISO Pros, we are available to provide what we do best: support and auditing for ISO standards and Core Tools for your business. We have been providing certifications for over a decade and although you might find companies like us all over the United States, you have to make sure they are more than something that gives certifications. Support is part of the duties of a company in our business item, and we are also happy to be able to provide it due to how difficult it can be to deal with tools and standards.

As we mentioned before, there are way too many aspects and elements to consider, and dealing with them will take time and effort. But all your hard work will be worth it at the end of the day. Now, if you have a question that we are asked quite a lot, “why do I need your company services?”, we have the answer without hesitation. Because you will need assistance to deal with all the steps and elements involved in the tools.

However, you don’t have to access it if you don’t want nor need to. Our main service is to provide support due to the difficulty of implement ISOs or Core Tools, but the real and final goal of our service is to get you certified. In simpler words, we are here for you to get your seal of approval if you don’t require our consulting or auditing options. Therefore, don’t feel nor think you are obligated to hiring our services for support.

If you meet all requirements and need the certification only or a renovation, we can do this only and that’s it. But if you are having problems trying to use the tools correctly and enjoy the benefits, our support includes guidelines that are customized according to your company status and needs. So far, we understand if it is a lot to process and you need time to determine if you need help or not.

But if you need a hint of when you need support no matter what, that would be if you don’t understand the tools at all. And we suggest you do not hesitate if this is the case since companies that come for their certification only is because they have experience or are already familiar with the tools.

To access your certification and get everything we have mentioned so far, you can contact us via our phone number, contact form, or email address. You can ask all your questions, let us know your doubts, and inquiry about anything that is in your mind. As for more information, we also have several sections and relevant details you have to know to get a better idea of the tools. Therefore, don’t hesitate to have a look at the rest of our website.